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Android Netrunner LCG Crimson Dust

Android Netrunner LCG Crimson Dust
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With the sixty new cards (three copies each of twenty unique cards) in Crimson Dust, the final Data Pack in the Red Sand cycle for Android: Netrunner, the forces that are vying for control of Mars are confronted with the consequences of their conflict. Lives have been lost. Homes have been destroyed. And now an entire world may be vulnerable to the terrorist forces of the Crimson Dust! Key Selling Points • The final Data Pack in the Red Sand Cycle for the popular Android: Netrunner LCG ®

• Includes a new NBN event that can tag runners before they run

• Players will find an anarch resource that explores the fallout of the War for Mars, deepening the lore for the Android setting

• Introduces a new virtual resource for shapers that can prevent any installed card from being trashed

• Includes an asset for HB that illustrates the deep ties between the MCA and the corps

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